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    RT @bbc5live: Guest editor @alistairpetrie's two premature sons almost died, but they still don't know what went wrong. He is asking "Why…
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    We were captivated by the animated hour-long discussion on Prematurity led by our Ambassador Alistair Petrie with our Patron Caro Greenwood and Founder Mark Johnson on #bbcradio5live this afternoon. To catch the replay in the UK, visit Thank you #alistairpetrie and @spikey_mama for your strong, passionate voice, ending the silence on a medical condition that requires more funding and talent to focus on knowledge and more effective interventions to save lives! #preventingprematurity #researchtopreventpretermbirth #pretermbirth
    Our amazing expedition members who walking to the North Pole for Borne are training hard for the tremendous challenge ahead. @georgie_breitmeyer joins @deanmumm with their grueling tyre-pulling routine.#bornearctictrek #preventingprematurity #researchtopreventpretermbirth #harderthanitlooks