To celebrate #martinlutherkingday we would like to share a blog post about our Borne dream - to end premature birth.
    #BLOG - A colombian study suggests Kangaroo Mother Care could have lasting beneficial effects on #preterm babies.
    The Borne Dream – by Fiona Mylchreest
    Kangaroo Mother Care: Skin-to-skin Contact for Preterm Babies
    To celebrate #martinlutherkingday today, we would like to share our blog post with you about our Borne dream. The dream - and plan - to end #prematurebirth through #unity in science across the world. #newblogpost #dream #medicalresearch #science #pregnancy
    At Borne our newest #blog post discusses a recent study by the Journal of Pediatrics that suggests Kangaroo Mother Care could have beneficial effects on #pretermbabies that last from birth all the way into adulthood. This skin-to-skin contact could not only offer the chance of bonding between parent and premature child, but also help thousands of #babies around the world. At Borne we are excited to see more international research taking place in an attempt to find new and progressive ways of caring for preterm babies. #skintoskin #newblogpost #medicalresearch #pregnancy