Our Governance

Borne’s Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for ensuring we deliver our charitble aims whilst overseeing the strategic direction of the charity.  All of Borne’s trustees are voluntary, some with a personal connection to our cause.  Collectively, they offer a range of expertise from the worlds of finance, business and science to provide vision, challenge and leadership, ensuring that we uphold the highest levels of integrity, financial stewardship and corporate governance.

Working with the Executive Leadership Team, the Trustees:

  • Ensure the charity is run in accordance with our governance framework

  • Maintain accountability to donors, beneficiaries and employees, and compliance with the law

  • Help shape Borne’s long-term strategy and key priorities to meet its charitable objectives

  • Monitor progress and evaluate the impact of Borne’s activities on advancing our understanding in the prevention of preterm birth


Borne’s Scientific Advisory Committee is selected for their respective fields of expertise to provide an external perspective in extending scientific support, advice and challenge to the Chief Scientific Officer.  They critically and independently review all research requests to assess scientific merit, and provide comment to the Board through its Chair on Borne’s ability to deliver its scientific mission and maintain scientific excellence.

Borne’s Conflict of Interest policy applies to all employees, all Trustees and all external members or co-opted individuals who join Borne’s committees and workgroups including scientific advisors and external peer reviewers. 

Borne’s research uses human cells and tissue in the main, and is carried out with patients’ active consent.  There are occasions where mice and other laboratory animals may be used. This is when in vivo modelling is necessary to advance our understanding of biological processes and to develop new treatments, and there are no alternatives available as it is not ethical to carry out these studies in humans. Borne supports the principle of the 3Rs to refine, reduce and replace the use of animals in research, and is aligned with the Association of Medical Research Charities’ position on the use of animals in research.