Our Mission

Borne is committed to making childbirth safer for mothers and babies, ensuring every child’s first day on earth would not be their hardest.

Research provides the foundations for lasting change.  85% of women who go into preterm labour are not identified to be at risk.  Borne was founded in 2012 by Professor Mark Johnson to support research that advances our understanding of pregnancy and identifies solutions to prevent or delay the onset of premature labour.  We will make no progress in managing the complications of pregnancy until we understand the underlying physiological processes that are involved in normal and abnormal pregnancy and labour. 

By improving our knowledge of normal and abnormal pregnancy outcomes through scientific research, Borne will:

  • Discover new or previously ignored factors and ways to address them
  • Develop more effective treatment strategies to prevent death and disability in childbirth
  • Improve and extend collaboration this area of research
  • Develop the next generation of medical scientists and build capacity by attracting the best scientific and medical graduates to this field of research
  • Increase awareness of the condition itself, and its social, personal and economic consequences

According to a study by the Oxford Centre for Health Economics published in 2009, the material cost of preterm birth to the NHS is £3 billion.  It is estimated that by prolonging pregnancies that are delivered preterm by just one week, it would save the NHS £260 million per annum.  The material savings, but more importantly, the improved life chances and reduction in physical pain and disability for the individuals concerned, drive us to succeed in our mission.


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