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  The importance of healthy eating whilst pregnant

    Posted on June 14, 2017

  As part of healthy eating week, we caught up with our Research Postgraduate,           AnnieBelle Sassine,  to find out why healthy eating is so important whilst pregnant. Read   more...


A roaring time - Eaton House Belgravia

Posted on May 22, 2017

On May 19, we were honoured to be part of Eaton House Belgravia’s annual gala, sponsored by Macoil Each year, the school fundraising committee comes together to put on a spectacular event to raise money for charity Read more




Giving birth to twins - 60 years on

Posted on May 8, 2017

Fiona Mylchreest shares her experience of giving birth to twins 60 years after her grandmother did. Read more


From bump to birth

Posted on April 19

Award winning author Amna Boheim shares her experience of a difficult pregnancy, the importance of collaborative working, and explains just how crucial research is. Read more





Your Mother May Know Best After All - spotting the early signs of Autism in children

Posted on 

This week marks World Autism Awareness Week and so today we are taking a moment to think about this lifelong condition that affects 1 in 100 British people. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), commonly known only as Autism, is a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. People with Autism may behave Read more...



10 Beautiful Messages for Mother's Day

Posted on 

Mother's Day may only come around once a year, but here at Borne we know a mother works hard to support, protect and nurture her children every single day. From the little moments shared at home to the big celebrations enjoyed together, the maternal bond is always present. So today we would like to show you what motherhood means to our fantastic mums and their children with these 10 quotes from our Borne family. Read more...



When I grow up, I want to be… - by Dr Alice Varley

Posted on 

This week marks British Science Week, during which we acknowledge the contributions of those who dedicate their lives to science, whilst last week saw the celebration of International Women's Day. Women's accomplishments, particularly in science, can often be forgotten from our History books Read more...



Borne to Dance - by Fiona Mylchreest

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Last week was Borne to Dance. The Borne team, including my husband, have been planning this for months and it was spectacular: Reubens on the ceiling, the best of British dance on the stage and table after table of people who give their time, talents and treasure to Borne. Julian tried to blag our way in early so he could check a few things. He was firmly stopped by a security guard, bigger than he and even more determined. Read more...



Pancake Day and the 40 Days of Prematurity - by Fiona Mylchreest

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It's Pancake Day! This is a church tradition to use up all the rich ingredients before Lent. These luxuries - eggs and oil and dairy - seem to us relatively healthy; nowadays the forty-day Lenten sacrifice is usually coffee, chocolate or alcohol. It's a bit like pregnancy; 40 weeks of moderation, maybe Read more...



Please, Be My Valentine - by Fiona Mylchreest

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My second baby was due on St.Valentine's Day. I flirted with the idea of giving him or her Valentine as a middle name. It was silly really, but it seemed a special day to be born and V was quite a nice initial. But all this was just chat. Bravado and filibuster to prevent speculation about the really scary stuff: when the baby would be born and if it would be too early. My first baby had been born at 28 weeks Read more...



Meeting Francois for British Heart Month

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Dr Francois Sousa dos Santos, Borne PhD student, has been working as an Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainee in East London for the past three years. Originally from Portugal, he has recently moved to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to join Professor Mark Johnson's research team at Borne to study the effect of heart disease on pregnancy. Besides undertaking a higher research degree at Imperial College Read more...



New Year, Same Challenge for China and Beyond

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With the end of January marking Chinese New Year, billions celebrated the year of the rooster according to the Chinese Zodiac. Throughout 2017, over 17 million babies will be born in China and, according to the legend of the rooster, are predicted to be talkative, open, honest, and loyal characters. According to the World Health Organisation, China sits as the 2nd country with the most preterm births in the world, while Read more...



The Borne Dream - by Fiona Mylchreest

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In August 1963, Martin Luther King Jnr made his I have a dream speech, about true equality, about an end to racism and violence, about black and white people living in harmony. This is a very premature diamond anniversary, but that's not why I'm writing about it on a prematurity blog. MLK argued that the unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness  Read more...



Kangaroo Mother Care: Skin-to-skin Contact for Preterm Babies

Posted on 

Around the world, 15 million babies are born too soon. Unfortunately, 1 million will not survive and those who do, will suffer lifelong consequences throughout their lives. They will live with physical and mental disabilities: learning difficulties, visual and hearing problems and sometimes autism. But last month, a few days before Christmas, good news came for Read more...



The art of doing nothing - An Insight into Pre-Eclampsia

Posted on 

A few years ago, Borne supporter and writer Amna K. Boheim wrote 'The Art of Doing Nothing', an honest and insightful blog post on her personal experience with pre-eclampsia. The author of 'The Silent Children' stayed true to her day-to-day experiences after returning home from hospital. Today, we would like to share her piece with Read more...



Christmas in NICU - by Fiona Mylchreest

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There was a time we thought Finn would be in NICU for Christmas. Not so surprising, you might think, considering he was due in December and born in September, but somehow Christmas is a marker: when people talk about a baby's first Christmas, they don't mean in hospital. The wonderful NICU staff reassured us it Read more...



Development - by Fiona Mylchreest

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I always got a bit mixed up with biology and evolution and the story of God creating the world. I could see a resemblance between people and apes which made it all sort of plausible; the seven days seemed a bit far fetched and I didn't see where the dinosaurs fitted in. With my children, it's been endlessly fascinating: I've stared and stared at my babies and wondered about genes and evolution and how babies grow Read more...



World AIDS Day: Investigating HIV and Pregnancy with a Borne Scientist

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Today marks World AIDS Day, a day where we come together to raise awareness and support people around the world who live with HIV. Here at Borne we are working to see how HIV can disrupt the immune system and affect pregnancy. Alex Cocker, Borne PhD student, heads up our study on the Immunological Impact of HIV-1 on Pregnancy Read more...



My Little Big Fighter - by Clare Howcroft

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My second child Tommy was a premature baby. Not incredibly so - he wasn't one of the teeny tiny tubed babies that you see on the Borne website, but he is proof that being born any amount early is too early. Keen to come into this world, I fell pregnant with Tommy almost immediately after deciding to provide his older brother with a sibling. Unfortunately, I had tremendously bad issues with my pelvis from around 7 months of pregnancy Read more...



World Prematurity Day: For Me, a Day of Happiness, Sadness and Hope.

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I have five fabulous children. That's the happiness. All five were born prematurely, which sounds crazy, I know. But the thing is, we never knew why. I wasn't kite-surfing or living on cabbage soup. There was no obvious reason, no drug to take, no behaviour to change. My middle son managed to survive inside me Read more...



Our Research: Understanding uterus function will help us understand preterm labour

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Human labor is miraculous. After 40 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus simply begins to contract and, some hours later, a baby is born. The woman is unable to voluntarily control the onset of labor, the strength of the contractions, or how often they occur. Essentially the uterus appears to have a mind of its own Read more...



Profile of a Borne PhD Student

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AnnieBelle is a Lebanese licensed dietician and a PhD student at Imperial College. She is working on a project that links nutrition to pregnancy complications, preterm labour and fetal development with Borne Founder Professor Mark Johnson and Borne Collaborator Professor Michael Crawford. In 2010, she gained her master's degree in Public Health Nutrition at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) Read more...




From bloodbath to bubble bath – by Fiona Mylchreest

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I confess, I watch CSI. I find it mindless and the gore doesn't move me at all. I switch over if my children come downstairs, and of course one of them asked me what I was hiding; why I watched something horrid. I had to think about that. I think it goes back to NICU Read more...



Incredibly Small and Very, Very Frightening – by Fiona Mylchreest

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My son is bigger than me. I've been pretending for a while that he's got sticky-up hair, or thick-soled shoes, but actually he's just enormous. He grows in the night so his clothes don't fit in the morning. I am big but he is bigger. I know it's common for mothers to find their children have outgrown them, but Read more...



Unlocking Professor Mark Johnson’s mind

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Professor Mark Johnson co-founded Borne – a premature baby medical research charity based at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London in 2013. When he is not busy fundraising for his cause, Professor Johnson is in the Labour Ward delivering babies, researching in Borne’s labs with his PhD students or spending time with his family Read more...