2nd Annual Preterm Birth Research Conference


On 9th and 10th September 2016 the 2nd Annual Preterm Birth Research Conference was held at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. Over the two-day event, delegates enjoyed a variety of interesting talks discussing the role of uterine contractility, the effect of infection and inflammation, hormonal involvement and clinical diagnosis and management of preterm labour. Besides a fantastic range of international oral presenters, our keynote speakers included Dr Roger Young, Dr Andrew Blanks, Dr David MacIntyre, Prof. Sam Mesiano, Prof. Zarko Alfirevic and Nigel Simpson.

“The success of a research conference can be measured by whether new knowledge and ideas are generated. By this metric the 2nd Annual Preterm Birth Research Conference was a major success. The research presented was at the leading edge of discovery and stimulated a lively discussion and sharing of ideas between basic scientist and clinicians working to prevent preterm birth. I left London much smarter than when I arrived.”

- Professor Sam Mesiano, Case Western Reserve University.

“The second annual Preterm Birth Research Conference was an excellent scientific meeting that brought together eminent scientists and clinicians in the field with a free exchange of data, concepts and vision. The presentations varied in scope from new basic science discoveries to meta-analyses scrutinizing patient protocols, but succeeded in having each presentation inclusive to all in attendance. With the background of the scientific talks, an important effort was made at the end of the conference to help direct the field. The conference made great inroads by critically analyzing contemporary knowledge and formulating a vision for future research and patient care initiatives.”

- Dr Roger C. Young, MD, PhD.


You can download the programme of the conference below: