Our Approach

Extending pregnancies by even 1 week would save the NHS £265million per year

In the UK, only 50% of babies born at 24 weeks survive

Prematurity is the no. 1 cause of infant death and disability worldwide, in children under 5 years

Once preterm labour has started it’s too late, we cannot stop it

The causes of preterm labour are still unknown

Our work has identified a potential new treatment to prevent preterm labour which is just entering clinical trials. Our research has changed the way we think about the onset of labour, the key processes involved and has redirected the field. Borne funded research has the potential to substantially reduce the risk of preterm labour. Over the coming years we will build on the progress that Professor Mark Johnson and his team have made to date by continuing to develop Borne's work, and by collaborating with other researchers and scientists working in the field.

We believe in a synergy between scientists and clinicians to develop and apply effective preventions. We aim to bring together renowned scientists from premier institutions and clinicians with years of practical and real-world experience to focus on research which can be translated into solutions.