Our Partnership with Action Medical Research

Premature babies are so small that they are weighed in grams

Many survivors of preterm birth face a lifetime of disability

Around the world, preterm birth rates are rising

85% of patients delivering pre-term have no prior risk factors

In the UK alone, 1 in 12 babies are born too soon 

Around the globe 15 million babies are born too soon every year, and yet obstetrics and obstetric research remains chronically under-funded and under-resourced.

Borne is joining forces with children's charity Action Medical Research to fund £1.5 million of new research projects over the next 3 years (2017 - 2019), to help identify the causes behind prematurity and find ways to prevent it.

These new research projects will develop from applications that Borne and Action look forward to receiving during 2017. To find out more about applying for funding please see Action's application page here.

The new research will complement research currently supported by Borne within the Imperial College laboratories at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and also build on Action's programme of research into prematurity, pregnancy complications and helping to treat sick and vulnerable babies.

“Both Borne and Action Medical Research believe that only by investing in research can the devastation caused by premature birth be stopped, and we feel combined investment will play a vital role in achieving this goal.”

- Professor Mark Johnson, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer.

You can read more about the partnership in our press release below.


Read about Borne and Action Medical Research's collaboration in the Evening Standard's press article below.