Our funded projects

We currently have two key programmes of research.

Maternal-fetal immunology and its role in the outcome of pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy involves multiple tolerance mechanisms that prevent maternal and fetal immune systems from recognising and rejecting each other.  Laboratory research is ongoing to advance the understanding of the factors and mechanisms that trigger a breakdown in maternal-fetal tolerance, leading to the onset of preterm labour.

By studying abnormal pregnancies, including those complicated by infection, pre-eclampsia, heart disease, obesity and HIV infection, we can understand how derangements in maternal health impact pregnancy.  From these studies, we will establish strategies to optimise fetal growth, neurodevelopment and metabolic health, particularly in association with conditions that trigger preterm birth.

Myometrial function and pathways leading to spontaneous preterm labour

In the laboratory, researchers have been investigating processes and mechanisms at the cellular level that inhibit the expression of pro-labour factors.  Our ongoing work will advance our understanding of the processes that control the activation and deactivation of uterine contractions and the responsible tissue-specific molecular expression patterns. 

In particular, Borne’s scientists and clinicians are working together on a treatment to enhance the ability of progesterone to prolong pregnancy and inhibit preterm labour.


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