Research Strategy and Funding

Borne’s research is focused on the pregnancy period and the factors and conditions in pregnancy that may lead to preterm birth.  We do not directly participate in research associated with assisted conception or maternal health not having an impact on babies and children.

Imperial College is our grant-holding institution in the UK.  Borne funds salary costs of scientists, clinicians and midwives carrying out the research.  We fund technical staff within Imperial College facilities at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as well as consumables and equipment that are used in conducting the research studies.  We also fund postgraduate studentships, fellowships and lectureships. 

Borne funds research programmes and projects in their entirety, and also contributes part-funding to projects in partnership with others.  They span discovery science through to the clinical trial of new medicines or treatment regimes.

Scientific Advisory Committee critically and independently reviews all research requests to assess scientific merit, and provides comment to the Board through the Chair on Borne’s ability to deliver its scientific mission and maintain scientific excellence.  This Committee also conducts a quinquennial review of the long-term funding, strategic direction and quality of the research at the centre.

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