Our aims

Why do we exist ?

Globally, every year, 15 million babies are born pre-term, and over 1 million of those will die. Many of those that survive suffer life-long disabilities.

In the UK alone, 60,000 babies are born pre-term each year. Only 50% of babies born at 24 weeks will survive, and yet our ability to reduce prematurity rates is negligible. We simply do not know enough.

Borne was founded to find solutions to these devastating problems. We are raising funds to support research to reduce the number of preterm births by finding effective preventions.


Our Vision

Borne's vision is a world in which a child's first day on earth won't have to be their hardest.  And, through our pioneering research, we can make that vision a reality.


“Borne is so important because it's all about giving babies a chance of a normal life, who would otherwise not have one. Our work will help babies who would otherwise be born at 23, 24, 25 weeks and who, if they survive, will be left with lifelong disability, which will prevent them from having a full life, achieving their full potential. By doing so we will change the landscape for these people. They will have a life. As opposed to now, they don't really have any chance of a normal life. So, by correcting the beginning, Borne will change the end. And that's what I'd like us to achieve for everybody. That's the secret.”

- Professor Mark Johnson, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer.