Our strategy

Around the world, 15 million children are born prematurely, sometimes too early to survive and those who do survive, often are left with life-long disabilities. This means an almost unimaginable number of families have to come to terms with a loved one being born prematurely with all that means. 

Borne aims to reduce prematurity, to make that difference between life and death, and healthy life and disability. We aim to help millions of children and their families around the world. 

We will achieve our ambitions by:

  • Building on our existing core research partnership with Imperial and Chelsea and Westminster to create the preeminent research centre in the UK in this field
  • Establishing in time satellite research centres in Africa, where rates of preterm birth are greater than 20 per cent
  • Developing a network of research partnerships and collaborations in UK and abroad to catalyse the research effort in this field


Our approach to solving the devastating problems caused by preterm birth is clear. Focused research that can be translated into clinical solutions with global application. We believe it is this approach, alongside our focus on collaboration - between scientists and clinicans, research groups and organisations, country to country, will truly set Borne apart. 


“I first got involved in Borne as a founding donor because I saw first hand with my own 5 children, all born prematurely, what a difference access to the best medical treatment and cutting edge research and thinking can make. One more week in the womb can make such a difference, four more weeks can be transformational. Two of our wonderful five children are disabled today thanks to the complications around their birth, but importantly all five of them are with us still - a special gift that reminds me daily of the difference the research Borne is doing can make.”

- Julian Mylchreest, Chairman.