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Borne was created to prevent preterm birth. We fund research to advance our knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, and improve the lives of mothers and babies. 

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Research lays lasting foundations for lasting change. Find out more about the research to stop preterm birth.

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Millions of families are affected by premature birth every year. These stories are why our mission is so important.

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It's still possible - and more important than ever! - for you to raise funds for Borne. Join the national 2.6 Challenge today!

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Invest in our ground-breaking research to prevent babies from being born too soon.

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Our Patrons and Ambassadors believe in a world where babies don’t have to be born too soon.
They are amazing advocates and fundraisers for our vital research on premature birth.

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Thank you to our friends and partners for creating unique occasions and experiences for Borne! From fashion, food and fine art to golfing and trekking to the ends of the earth, you are powering vital research to prevent premature birth.

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Your support helps our vital research to prevent preterm birth. Get involved with a range of fundraising activities, from taking part in an event to organising your own event in your area.

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