Cristina’s Story

A decade ago Cristina’s son was unexpectedly, born too soon. She reflects on her experience and the impact it had after she took her son home.

Did you know?

Premature birth is the leading cause of death of children under 5 around the world today. At Borne, we want to change that.

Borne’s Uterine Mapping Project has launched

In October 2021, we awarded £1 million to leading universities to advance our understanding of the origins of labour and preterm birth.

Borne is on a mission to end premature birth – everywhere and forever. We fund research to advance our knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, and improve the lives of mothers and babies. We aim to:

find answers

We need a deeper understanding of pregnancy to achieve the scientific breakthroughs to prevent preterm birth. Research lays the foundations for lasting change. It gives hope to so many who have experienced the anguish of premature birth.

improve care

We support the work of obstetricians and research midwives who not only advance our knowledge and understanding of preterm birth by recruiting and supporting women involved with the groundbreaking research, but also offer crucial frontline support and care.

nurture talent

For advances to be made, we need more promising scientists and clinicians to forge their careers in this area of medicine and research. We encourage and support obstetricians, neonatologists, midwives and neonatal nurses to embrace their research interests.

Being born is the most dangerous thing we do in our lives. Our aim at Borne is to keep babies in the womb – where they belong; where they will mature and grow best; where their development will be best.
Professor Mark Johnson, Borne Founder

Premature birth at a glance

15 million
babies are born too
soon every year.
Over 1 million die.
1 in 10
premature babies will have a permanent disability
of women who go into early labour have no idea they are at risk

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spread the word

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