About Us

About Borne

Borne is a charity investing in medical research to advance our understanding of pregnancy and childbirth, and prevent premature birth. We aim to save lives, prevent disability and create lifelong health for mothers and babies.

Our mission

Borne is committed to improving outcomes for mothers and babies by preventing premature birth. By investing in research, we will:

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We need a deeper understanding of pregnancy to achieve the scientific breakthroughs to prevent preterm birth. Research lays the foundations for lasting change. It gives hope to so many who have experienced the anguish of premature birth.



We support the work of obstetricians and research midwives who not only advance our knowledge and understanding of preterm birth by recruiting and supporting women involved with the groundbreaking research, but also offer crucial frontline support and care.



We encourage the next generation of bio-med scientists, obstetricians and midwives to embrace their research interests in our area of scientific interest by supporting their development.

Events leading to preterm birth are still not completely understood, although the etiology is thought to be multifactorial. It is, however, unclear whether preterm birth results from the interaction of several pathways or the independent effect of each pathway. Causal factors linked to preterm birth include medical conditions of the mother or fetus, genetic influences, environmental exposure, infertility treatments, behavioural and socioeconomic factors and iatrogenic prematurity.

World Health Organisation Bulletin, January 2010

Our Founder - Professor Mark Johnson

As a physician and obstetrician, Mark saw the devastating effects of prematurity first hand. He felt frustrated by his inability to do more for his patients.

With his expertise in obstetrics and research, Mark was in a unique position to tackle the problem of premature birth. He founded Borne as a research appeal with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and the charity became independent in 2016.

As Borne’s Chief Scientific Officer, Mark is responsible for framing the vision and intended impact for research funded by Borne. A Scientific Advisory Board reviews all research proposals and oversees the measurement and reporting of Borne’s progress and impact.

Our industry affiliations

Association of Medical Research Charities
National Institute for Health Research
Pregnancy and Baby Network
Pregnancy & Baby Charities Network

Our governance

Executive Leadership

Our day-to-day activities are managed by Borne’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientific Officer.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees ensures Borne takes a well-rounded approach to everything we do and the decisions we make as an organisation.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board reviews all research studies proposed and funded by Borne to assess their scientific merit.

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