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Borne and KX have partnered on a pregnancy programme, evolved out of our passion to support women and couples at every stage of pregnancy.

Launched in 2017, the programme provides integrated nutrition, physical therapy and exercise approach and can be used from pre-conception and pregnancy right through to after your baby arrives for much needed post-natal care.

KX are leaders in luxury health and wellbeing programs. They use a holistic approach to wellness that is all encompassing and individually tailored. Principles in the fields of personal training, nutrition, physical and holistic therapies, integrate the KX methodology in our pioneering approach to exercise, food and treatments to support our member’s lifestyle balance while optimising their results.

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 It has been a fantastic journey working with KX on developing the integrated pregnancy programme. Nutrition, physical therapy and exercise combined all play a crucial role in the health of both a mother and her baby.

Our partnership is underpinned by research based practical advice to help optimise the health of babies and parents.

Professor Mark Johnson

Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Borne