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Legend Holidays & Events have supported Borne since the beginning, producing our signature Golf Day at Sunningdale Club hosted by Borne Patron Will Greenwood.

Founded by sporting legends Will Greenwood and Austin Healey, Legend offer one-of-a-kind luxury family holidays and sporting events. The key difference is, they’re hosted by some of the biggest names in sport.

In addition to organising our annual Golf Day at Sunningdale, Legend have generously donated a number of memorable prizes and experiences as auction prizes for our fundraising events. They also provide ongoing support to the team at Borne.   

Visit www.ourlegend.com

Research into the causes of preterm birth is so important because it’s all about giving babies a chance of a normal life. Legend are proud to be a long-standing supporter of Borne.

As Borne’s Patron, I have walked to the top of the world for Borne, and will do it again for future generations of parents to have the healthy children that they deserve.

Will Greenwood

Borne patron