Philippa Herbert

Philippa Herbert

Fine jewellery and casting business, Philippa Herbert, has been a supporter of Borne and our research on premature birth and pregnancy since 2013.

Philippa Herbert create beautifully crafted, high quality casts of babies’ hands and feet in bronze, silver, glass and gold, as well as other unique gifts such as hand engraved fingerprint jewellery in gold and silver. 

For every baby cast sold, £5 goes towards Borne’s vital research on premature birth. 

Philippa Herbert is a small family business founded in 2007 and run by Sally Herbert and her sister-in-law Philippa Fergusson. They work with British jewellers and craftsmen. They aim to create pieces that are treasured and passed down through generations.

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Sally and I are proud to support Borne and its amazing endeavours to identify the causes of premature birth. Through the course of our work, we have met many mothers who have been affected by preterm birth. 

My third child was at risk of being born prematurely and I had to have a cervical suture at 14 weeks. I was lucky to be quickly diagnosed, but I know this is not always the case. It is so important for Borne to carry out research to help other women and babies who may be at risk of premature labour.

Philippa Fergusson

Co-Founder, Philippa Herbert

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