Governance and Policies

Corporate governance

Board of Trustees

Borne’s Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for ensuring we deliver our charitable aims whilst overseeing the strategic direction of the charity.

All of Borne’s trustees are voluntary, some with a personal connection to our cause. Collectively, they offer a range of expertise from the worlds of finance, business and science to provide vision, challenge and leadership, ensuring that we uphold the highest levels of integrity, financial stewardship and corporate governance.

Working with the Executive Leadership Team, the Trustees:

  • Ensure the charity is run in accordance with our governance framework
  • Maintain accountability to donors, beneficiaries and employees, and compliance with the law
  • Help shape Borne’s long-term strategy and key priorities to meet its charitable objectives
  • Monitor progress and evaluate the impact of Borne’s activities on advancing our understanding in the prevention of preterm birth

Razan Jafar

Tom Macdonald

Executive Leadership

Our day-to-day activities are managed by Borne’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientific Officer who are jointly accountable to the Board for providing direction and leadership to ensure the success of Borne’s strategies, plans, policies and research programme.

Professor Mark Johnson

Professor Mark Johnson
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Mei Li Powell

Mei Li Powell
Chief Operating Officer

Conflict of Interest

Borne’s Conflicts of Interest policy applies to all employees, all Trustees and all external members or co-opted individuals who join Borne’s committees and workgroups including scientific advisors and external peer reviewers.

It is important to ensure that all decisions made by office-holders and committee members on behalf of Borne are in the charity’s best interests, free from any undue external influence and which does not pose any reputational risk to Borne.  All who represent Borne are expected to act with integrity and impartiality, and to be open, fair and unbiased when making decisions or advising Borne.

Outside interests and expertise are important to support and challenge Borne’s work, but it is inevitable that conflicts of interests will arise.  It is important that they are clearly identified and carefully managed through:

Disclosure of outside interests that could give rise to potential conflicts so that Borne are aware of these in advance;

  • Determination of whether there is an actual or perceived conflict before becoming involved in any decision on behalf of Borne; and
  • Management of any conflicts as they arise in a manner that protects the integrity of Borne’s decision-making while exercising personal judgement in permitting the right level of input to enable the best decisions.

Borne’s Conflict of Interest Policy 2020