career development award

GRANT AMOUNT: up to £1 million
OPENING DATE: 25/02/2022
DEADLINE: 20/04/2022

The Career Development Award is designed to retain and nurture excellent non-clinical researchers in our field of interest who have established a track record of nationally competitive research, with clear plans to manage their independent research group.

We are jointly offering prestigious Career Development Awards with the UKRI’s Medical Research Council to support these talented post-doctoral researchers with their transition to independence.  These awards are for 5 years and grant calls are subject to the MRC’s timetable and review process.


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guidance for applicants

For information and guidance relating to this fellowship, please visit this page of the MRC’s website.

guidelines & policies

This grant is subject to the UKRI MRC’s guidelines and policies, which you can find here.

This fellowship is jointly funded with the UKRI’s Medical Research Council

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