The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023

One donation will have twice the impact – where any donation you make will be doubled, bringing us closer to solving the devastating puzzle of premature birth.

A Quest for the Prevention of Premature Birth

Premature birth is a complex issue with lifelong impact on babies & families. Borne’s mission is to prevent premature birth and improve outcomes. We will only find the solutions by drawing talent to this pressing area of need and supporting the next generation of scientists to ensure that no baby is born too soon.


Premature birth is a global and UK crisis, being the top cause of child mortality. It affects children worldwide, leading to chronic illness, disabilities & educational struggles. With 60,000 premature births annually, it costs the NHS £3.4bn per year. However, this crucial issue remains underfunded & neglected, with minimal funding compared to maternity care. Despite NHS goals to reduce mortality rates by 50% by 2025, premature birth rates in the UK haven’t improved.


Borne is dedicated to funding and supporting the next generation of leaders in the field of preventing premature birth. We want to strengthen the early-stage research base by nurturing and accelerating the career development of talented researchers, enabling them to make groundbreaking discoveries. We empower emerging scientists by supporting their transformational research ideas, to improve understanding & ultimately to reduce premature birth.

I can’t think of another area of medicine where there has been so little progress.

There is so little research into the causes of prematurity.


Mother of five premature children

Campaign Aims

  • Reduce premature birth rates: funds will support research to lower the occurrence of premature birth, lessening its impact on families and society.
  • Develop research capacity: encouraging young scientists to pursue a career in obstetrics.
  • Fund talented researchers: financial support for dedicated scientists to become future leaders by studying premature birth through various avenues to make breakthrough discoveries.
  • Raise awareness: scientific partnerships, marketing, and social media will increase public understanding of premature birth.
  • Foster collaboration: Borne will facilitate collaboration among global premature birth experts, identifying impactful research areas and addressing barriers.

By working together in partnership – governments, donors, the private sector, civil society, parents and health professionals – we can sound the alarm about this “silent emergency”, and bring preterm prevention and care efforts to the forefront of national health.

Helga Fogstad

Executive Director, PMNCH

Worldwide, 1 in 10 babies is born preterm (<37 weeks’ gestation) – that’s an estimated one baby every two seconds. Rates of preterm birth have barely changed during the past decade, and in some places rates are rising.

World Health Organisation, 2023

Campaign Target

Our Big Give 2023 campaign is: A quest for the prevention of premature birth. Our campaign target this year is £100,000, and these funds will support our brilliant scientists, who will spend their lives unravelling the mystery of premature birth, and through their efforts, Borne aims not just to understand, but prevent it.

Support our Big Give Christmas Campaign

Please help us reach our campaign target, and get us closer to achieving our mission to end premature birth – everywhere and forever.

DONATE during the live campaign, between midday on the 28th November, and midday on the 5th December 2023 and your donation will be doubled!

Investing in pregnancy is in fact, an investment in everybody’s future.

Professor Mark Johnson

Founder of Borne

You can watch the following video for more information on how the Big Give Christmas Challenge works.

With special thanks to our Champions, the BIG GIVE, and our pledgers for supporting our Challenge.


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