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Preterm birth is an issue that affects millions every year – and yet it continues to be misunderstood and not talked about enough. We want to encourage the conversation.


Sharing your story can give hope, raise awareness, and offer advice. It may be the one thing that makes someone feel that they are not alone.

Statistics and scientific reports are useful, but personal stories are the most powerful way to illustrate why the research we do is so important. By sharing your story, you give us one of the most valuable gifts you could give – the ability to reach more people, promote understanding, and explain the real and desperate need for our work.


During our campaigns and events, we rely on a group of committed individuals to communicate our message to their own networks – helping us to reach more people in a direct and personal way. We provide all the resources they need to get the word out and keep them updated on the impact of their efforts.

If you feel passionate about our cause and would like to help by joining this group of Borne Advocates and helping to spread the word, we’d love to hear from you!


Our social media channels feature news about our research, updates about events and fundraisers, and stories that illustrate the importance of our work. The more support we have on those channels, the more we are able to expand our network and encourage conversations about premature birth.

Follow us, like and share our posts, and recommend us to friends and family – every little helps us on our journey!

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