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Will Power

Borne Patron, Will Greenwood MBE is no stranger to extreme challenges. Having previously climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the charity, he’s now taking on the North Pole, despite hating the cold!

Borne Golf Day 2018

Borne’s annual Golf Day will take place on 11th October this year. We are delighted to have exclusive use of the Old Course at Sunningdale Golf Club with its beautiful surroundings and a challenging 18-hole course.   The day will kick-off with breakfast, followed by 18-holes of exhilarating competition in a 4-ball competition with a shotgun start. […]

Wonderland Dinner 2017

2017’s Wonderland Dinner was held on the eve of World Prematurity Day, 16 November 2017. The event took place at 8 Northumberland Avenue and saw hundreds of guests and longstanding supporters of Borne come together to raise awareness and funds for our pioneering research. The biennial gala is a highlight in Borne’s events calendar and […]

Borne Golf Day 2017

Our annual Borne Golf Day took place on 4th October 2017 and we were delighted to have exclusive use of Sunningdale Golf Club. With beautiful surroundings and a challenging 18-hole course, it was a fantastic day of sport to raise funds for Borne. Rugby legend Will Greenwood hosted the event, along with Borne Trustee and keen golfer […]

When I grow up, I want to be… – by Dr Alice Varley

This week marks British Science Week, during which we acknowledge the contributions of those who dedicate their lives to science,  whilst last week saw the celebration of International Women’s Day. Women’s accomplishments, particularly in science, can often be forgotten from our History books, so today I would like to share with you one female scientist’s […]

Borne to Dance 2017

Last week was Borne to Dance. The Borne team, including my husband, have been planning this for months and it was spectacular: Reubens on the ceiling, the best of British dance on the stage and table after table of people who give their time, talents and treasure to Borne. Julian tried to blag our way […]

The Borne Dream

In August 1963, Martin Luther King Jnr made his I have a dream speech, about true equality, about an end to racism and violence, about black and white people living in harmony. This is a very premature diamond anniversary, but that’s not why I’m writing about it on a prematurity blog. MLK argued that the […]

Kangaroo Mother Care: Skin-to-skin Contact for Preterm Babies

Around the world, 15 million babies are born too soon. Unfortunately, 1 million will not survive and those who do, will suffer lifelong consequences throughout their lives. They will live with physical and mental disabilities: learning difficulties, visual and hearing problems and sometimes autism. But last month, a few days before Christmas, good news came for […]

Christmas in NICU

There was a time we thought Finn would be in NICU for Christmas.  Not so surprising, you might think, considering he was due in December and born in September, but somehow Christmas is a marker: when people talk about a baby’s first Christmas, they don’t mean in hospital. The wonderful NICU staff reassured us it […]


I always got a bit mixed up with biology and evolution and the story of God creating the world. I could see a resemblance between people and apes which made it all sort of plausible; the seven days seemed a bit far fetched and I didn’t see where the dinosaurs fitted in. With my children, […]

Profile of a Borne PhD Student

AnnieBelle is a Lebanese licensed dietician and a PhD student at Imperial College. She is working on a project that links nutrition to pregnancy complications, preterm labour and fetal development with Borne Founder Professor Mark Johnson and Borne Collaborator Professor Michael Crawford. In 2010, she gained her master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition at the […]