Project Grant

GRANT AMOUNT: up to £250,000
GRANT DURATION: up to 3 years full-time
OPENING DATE: 30/11/2023
DEADLINE: 27/02/2024

We are teaming up with Action Medical Research to fund project grants from across the UK for translational research into the causes of preterm birth in order to develop diagnostic, treatment and prevention strategies to reduce the rates of prematurity.

We encourage high-quality research that can be translated into clinical solutions in the short to medium term. Borne and Action will joint fund up to £500,000 on projects that are subject to peer review. Successful awards will be announced in December 2024/Spring 2025. This joint award is focused on the pregnancy period and the factors and conditions in pregnancy that may lead to preterm birth. Outline applications will be graded on both potential clinical impact and scientific quality. A combination of clinical and science applicants and inter-disciplinary collaboration is particularly welcome including novel collaborations that could bring new insight into the problems of preterm birth.

Eligibility & Exclusions

For more information on who can apply, please read Action’s remit and exclusions on their website, which you can find here.

how to apply

Before applying, please check Action’s guidelines before completing the form.

review process

This grant call is subject to Action’s grant review process. Please see the section entitled ‘Review process’ on this page of Action’s website.

guidelines & policies

Applications for co-funded projects will need to meet the remit and guidelines on Action’s website, which you can find here.

This grant award is jointly funded with Action Medical Research

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