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Borne believes scientific research is the key to bring about lasting change.

about our research

Funding for research into complications during pregnancy and childbirth lags far behind other medical conditions. We are working to change that. ​We want to make sure that the best ideas, backed up by the strongest science, have the greatest chance to succeed. We do this by:

strengthening the early stage research base

We pump-prime promising new research ideas, giving scientists the impetus they need to develop their analysis and advance their breakthrough projects.

building capacity in this area of research

We are encouraging more promising scientists and clinicians to develop their research careers in our area of need.

fostering inter-disciplinary collaboration

We bring scientists and medical teams together across institutions and countries to encourage knowledge sharing and accelerate discovery.


Borne is committed to ensuring we are investing the donations we receive in the highest quality projects with the best chance of success. We offer funding to take the most promising ideas forward and support career development.

our big initiative

While we are funding some very promising projects that look deeply into different aspects of prematurity, it is important that we see the bigger picture. Our big initiative, Borne’s Uterine Mapping Project or BUMP, seeks to foster collaboration between clinicians and scientific disciplines across institutions, with the ultimate aim of finding the answers to the origins of labour.

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