Borne’s Scientific Collaborative

Help us crack the code on preterm birth
Accelerating progress through global collaboration
There is still much that remains unknown about the biological processes that control pregnancy and signal the onset of labour. The only way to achieve a quantum leap in understanding is through large scale collaboration.
We have brought together some of the world’s leading scientific experts on pregnancy and preterm birth to advance our collective understanding of normal and dysfunctional labour and identify new interventions to delay or prevent preterm labour.

We are all doing fantastic research, making inferences and drawing conclusions on the data that we collect. But we are like the blind men and the elephant. The hardest thing is seeing the whole picture.

Professor Stephen Lye, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Toronto

Borne’s Scientific Collaborative

The scientific experts convened by Borne agree that the answers to the questions that continue to confound scientists and medics are likely to lie at the seams between different areas of scientific focus and specialisation.

They believe that together, they can advance our understanding of term and dysfunctional labour and accelerate the translation of discoveries into new treatments to delay preterm labour and improve outcome for babies.

Borne’s Uterine Mapping Project – BUMP

We are currently fundraising to launch BUMP, our biggest and most ambitious project yet.

It will involve the setup of a clinical centre of excellence where maternal samples will be collected by a team of research midwives from women going into labour and processed by a laboratory team according to the specifications and techniques requested by Borne’s Scientific Collaborative.

This data will be analysed by bioinformaticians working closely with researchers from the Borne Collaborative to help find the elusive breakthroughs needed to develop new treatments and protocols to keep babies in the womb for longer.

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