Borne’s Arctic Challenge 2018

Relive the Borne Arctic Challenge

In April 2018, nine adventurers led by Alan Chambers MBE and Wayne Hoyle trekked to the North Pole to raise awareness and funds for research into premature birth.

Borne to Trek

Watch the official Borne documentary of a purposeful adventure to prevent premature birth.

The film would not have been possible without the incredible support of Georgie Breitmeyer from KO Productions who not only trekked to the North Pole but also shot, directed and produced the film.

A huge thank you to Jake Turney and Will Douglas for the photography and capturing footage in Longyearbyen, and we are_ for their editing and post-production magic.

Vice's Arctic Adventures series

Borne Patron Will Greenwood MBE narrates the incredible journey to the North Pole in a three-part documentary produced by Vice Media for i-D’s Amuse channel.

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  • Part 1: In this first episode, Greenwood’s private preparation for the trek is put on hold when explorer, environmentalist and Amuse Editor-At-Large, David de Rothschild shows up at his home to offer him some super-solid last-minute advice.
  • Part 2: Will Greenwood travels to the most northern town in the world, Longyearbyen in the Svalbard, to make final preparations for his attempt on the the North Pole.
  • Part 3: This is the most extreme test of physical and mental endurance Will has faced, where the memory of his premature son, Freddie motivates him to keep walking.

This Challenge and the invaluable funds raised for research would not have been possible without the generous support of so many, who spurred the expedition team on to reach their goal in extreme conditions. 

An adventure of a lifetime in aid of Borne. We did it! 



The research you are funding

Your generosity is fuelling new research into the maternal immune system during pregnancy and how it affects premature birth. 

The programme will follow women who are pregnant for the first time throughout their pregnancy and beyond to:

  • Understand the processes of pregnancy and preterm birth. 
  • Identify potential risk factors and develop predictive algorithms to screen women early in pregnancy. 

Thanks to you

We are on track to fund a Principal Investigator who will lead our maternal immunology research.

We have appointed a full-time research manager and a research technician. 

We have hired our first research midwife to recruit more pregnant women into our studies.

We are now looking to bring a Post-Doctorate scientist specialised in immunology on board. This role will be key to lead and conduct our experiments in the labs. 

Help us prevent premature birth

With as little as £9 month, you can accelerate the pace of change.

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