Relive the Borne Arctic Trek

Made it to the North Pole!

The team carried over 200 supporters to the North Pole (in spirit, at least)
Julian's 5 premature children motivated him to walk to the North Pole
The sponsors who made it all possible - thank you!
The only bear Team Borne ran into
Mission accomplished. Time for a treat back at Barneo Ice Camp
One last look at the Arctic on the flight out...

Out on the ice

The vast emptiness of the Arctic
Realising that you have to drag your sled for 5 days
This isn't Wayne's first polar expedition...
... but it might be Joey's!
Are these the white cliffs of Dover?
Arctic selfie: Dean and Will
The legendary Alan Chambers
"Would you have gone to a place where no one can hear you scream with these two crazy fellas!!!???" - Will
Doing it all for Borne - thanks team!
Staying focused is key to survival on the ice
Alex, Will and Uzi: party in tent 1
Zero exposure: this is the way to stay warm!
Go Jason! You got this
The team had to bypass many obstacles on the ice
Jason, Dean and Will
A view to remember
Embrace the icicle beard
Couldn't have asked for a better backdrop, Uzi
Camp for the night

Destination: Barneo Ice Camp

© Jake Turney, Will Douglas
Next stop: Barneo Ice Camp
Plane selfie: Jason and Joey
Plane selfie: Will, Joey and Dean
Plane selfie: Julian
Off to the starting point. No turning back now...
Last minute rest before the trek kicks off

Final packing and training in the Svalbard

Alan Chambers, polar explorer extraordinaire © Jake Turney, Will Douglas
Wayne, Arctic expert © Jake Turney, Will Douglas
Tough choices need to be made © Jake Turney, Will Douglas
Wayne, Will and Jason hanging out at the hangar
"If you pack it, you drag it"
Survival snacks
Yes, that is a pram
Testing out those skis! © Jake Turney, Will Douglas
Building a tent on the ice 101
Team debrief the night before the big departure
Last supper

The team's finally arrived in Longyearbyen

Dean, Alex and Joey & his wife at the airport
Flying over the Artic
It's all feeling a bit real now © Jake Turney, Will Douglas
Mind the bear guys!
Sunny and - 15 °C
© Jake Turney, Will Douglas
Lining coats with fur
Our chairman Julian is ready
Must have on the ice: a cooking stove
Team kit all packed

The challenge took months of preparation

Arctic Fact
Arctic gear
Will Training
Uzi with sledge
Arctic fact
Jason interview
Jason & Alan
Dean Mumm training
Will Greenwood
Neil & Alex training
Food fact
Arctic Food
Alan & Uzi training

About premature birth

Premature baby fact
1 in 10 babies
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