The art of doing nothing: An insight into pre-eclampsia

A few years ago, Borne supporter and writer Amna K. Boheim wrote ‘The Art of Doing Nothing’, an honest and insightful blog post on her experience with pre-eclampsia. Today, we would like to share her piece with you, as pre-eclampsia is a reality for so many women in the UK and across the globe.

Pre-eclampsia sucks. It sucks even more, if, as in my case, pre-eclampsia creeps up on you, unwittingly, ten days after giving birth. As a result, I was stuck in hospital for two nights. But at least my impromptu stay probably saved my Better Half from coming home to find me collapsed in a heap on the floor. So I owe a big thank you to (1) serendipity (long story) and (2) Prof. Mark Johnson, Dr Natasha Singh, the anesthetists (part of the long story) and midwives at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

Once I was home, I was forced to rest and do absolutely nothing. The one thing I was allowed to do was to walk from my bedroom to the living room and back again. Lounging around is something I’ve only ever dreamed about. Except that when it came about for real, I found it difficult. I mean, really difficult. So for those who are faced with the task of doing nothing, here are some tips:


Source: Daily MailIf the phone rings, don’t answer it. Don’t listen to the ensuing message, either, because ultimately it will involve you having to action something (in my case, a Back Office request from my Better Half.) This applies to emails and texts too.

To read the rest of the article, please see Amna’s fantastic blog: