What we do

What we do

Borne funds and conducts life-saving research to diagnose and prevent premature birth.

At Borne, we bring scientists and clinicians together to advance our knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth. We translate research into new treatments to prevent preterm birth and deliver better care for mothers and babies.

The research we fund

Borne funds two research programmes led by Professor Mark Johnson at Imperial College facilities at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Delaying preterm labour

Once labour starts, it cannot be stopped. But if we can prevent preterm labour from starting, we can keep babies in the womb for longer, improving their chances of survival and a life free from disability.

Understanding the maternal immune system

Labour should mark the end of a healthy pregnancy, but it can happen too soon – with devastating consequences. Yet we still do not fully understand what triggers labour. We believe the maternal immune system is central to better understanding pregnancy and childbirth.

Our research ambitions

A global collaboration to understand normal and dysfunctional labour.
Borne lab scientist
PROMPT - accelerating the diagnosis of infection at the point of care
The 2000 Women Study - fatty acid profiles and bio-markers in low-risk women.
Annabel Moeller
PREVENT - transforming clinical practice across the UK

Funding the best scientific ideas

Borne is committed to funding the best scientific ideas and support new projects to improve the health of mothers and prevent babies from being born too soon. 

In 2016, Borne and Action Medical Research established a grant research scheme. Together, we are investing over £1 million in joint funding to support translational research project into the causes of premature birth.

Power pioneering research and innovation.
Find new treatments to prevent preterm birth.