What we fund

What we fund

Borne funds research programmes and projects in their entirety, and also contributes part-funding to projects and fellowships in partnership with others.  Our research grants fall into four main categories:

1. Programme grants & clinical trials

We fund large-scale programmes that take research ‘from bench to bedside’ by combining the clinical with the scientific. By involving diverse cohorts of pregnant women to advance hypotheses developed in the laboratory, studies like this not only generate data and understanding, but also improve care on the front line.

Grants are available to fund:

  • the core salary costs of professorships, scientists, and clinicians that carry out the research
  • technical laboratory staff and research midwives involved with the clinical work and sample collection
  • laboratory consumables and equipment that are required to conduct the research studies
  • postgraduate studentships, post-doctoral fellowships and lectureships linked to the research programme

2. Project grants

We partner with Action Medical Research to support promising research projects, including funding laboratory costs and technical support to help researchers develop original and innovative ideas. 

Applications are available for project grants of up to 3 years of full-time funding and up to £200,000 per award, including applications for pump-priming awards (of up to £75,000 with a likely time scale of 12-18 months to cover running costs and technical support to help researchers develop original and innovative ideas).  Applications could also include pilot studies that would generate data, enabling larger scale applications to funding bodies or practical application.

3. Clinical & scientific fellowships

To encourage more promising scientists and clinicians to develop their research careers in this area of need, we are delighted to offer two prestigious fellowships with the UKRI’s Medical Research Council that are administered through their Clinical Research Training Fellowship and Career Development Award schemes.

  • The Borne – MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship (CRTF) covers the full-time salary and research support costs for bright clinicians looking to develop their academic careers in the area of obstetrics to undertake a PhD or other higher research degree. The scheme also provides a route for post-doctoral applicants who achieved their PhD some time ago but who have not been research active since due to clinical training commitments to reacquire research skills.
  • The Borne – MRC Career Development Award (CDA) supports talented post-doctoral researchers to lead their own research plans and establish their own research team, to make the transition from post-doctoral researcher to independent investigator. A CDA provides funding for a challenging research programme, and an ambitious programme of research training, which offers accelerated personal and career development.

4. PhD studentships

We award studentships to PhD students with promising research projects that fit into our scientific priorities.