What we fund

What we fund

Borne funds translational research into the causes of preterm birth in order to develop diagnostic, treatment and prevention strategies to reduce the rate of prematurity.  This spans discovery science through to the clinical trial of new medicines or treatment regimes.

We fund research programmes and projects in their entirety, and also contribute part-funding to projects in partnership with others.

We fund:

  • the core salary costs of professorships, scientists and clinicians that lead the research that originates from the Borne labs
  • technical lab staff and research midwives involved with the clinical work and sample collection
  • postgraduate studentships; post doctoral fellowships and lectureships
  • laboratory consumables and equipment that are required to conduct the research studies

All roles are advertised publicly by the higher education institution or hospital and posts are awarded through a competitive process.

We believe that by supporting early stage research, we will enable the scientists to successfully apply for funding from research councils and other grant-making bodies for further and larger studies, effectively leveraging the contribution of Borne’s supporters several times over the initial investment.

Borne will also work with policy-makers, government, academia and industry to accelerate the pace of research through increased funding, and ensure that research outcomes reach a wider population of women who are at increased risk of preterm birth.